Lavender field at the Relais des Anges in France
We are living in a very challenging period, a tipping point in consciousness never before known. 

Whoever we are, we are all affected, no matter what work we do, man, woman and child on the planet, now and for the next generations.

It creates intense emotion of fear, agressivity, judgement, doubt and guilt causing depression.

We are more than ever inundated by emails, texts and advertisements since the start of this pandemic. There is a lot of confusion.

Everything happening on the scene of the outside world is a great orchestration to aid in the mass awakening of humanity.

Life teaches us to let go. I understand that the unknown is a scary place for most of us.

We have this ability to create optimal states of physical and emotional health.

it requires deploying a great force of determination and discipline to be in positif thinking and therefore continual determination in the awareness of all our choices.

Everything in the physical dimension is an appearance, an illusion, we call it “the play of Maya”.
Maya, is created by beliefs of separation, taught from an early age, from generation to generation. It is a false reality that has guided us for thousands of years in the game of duality.
It may be hard for some to consider how to manifest an amazing and magical life, but it is possible.

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