Her journey to the heart of her soul

Born in France, she discovers her passion for photography at the age of 12, after a tragic event in a life, which start the activation of a third eye. 
In 1985, Brigitte moved to Canada, her profession as a model at young age, gives her the opportunity to turn her passion into a business by going behind the camera.

Professional fashion photographer in Montreal for more than 25 years, she pursouing an international career, she sheds light on women and men through her profession as a photographer.

“Photography is my quintessential art of expression.”

Her artistic works are recognized and exhibited across the American continent by the biggest fashion magazines (Harper’s Bazaar and Elle in Mexico, Marie Claire in France, Zoom in Italy, ……) and internationally renowned companies. 

She puts women and men in the spotlight while following her path of personal growth for several years, which leads her to explore the mysteries of human potential and  brought her subject towards the light from their interiority.

 “ My third eye activated from my young age and the lens of my camera, allowed me to study through the eyes, the reflection of the soul, discover hidden resources of the human being and unlock my own abilities. 

Her awakening, mentors, transformations and radical changes:

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.
Thich Nhat Hanh

During a period of darkness, life takes Brigitte to discover Kabbalah in the 2000s and then follows the Landmark education curriculum for 3 years which will transform her life completely. Thirsty to discover that new adventure, she continues with the non-violent communication of Marshall B. Rosenberg. 

Following her first spiritual awakening in 2008, she discovered the power of communication that she implements with the teachings she receives from a source beyond what she could imagine, hence the creation of the concept and teachings from “Journey to the Heart of the soul”.    

 “Despite this awakening, I needed to purify my mind and body with all its memories. My life was completely transformed. I was so thirsty to find out who we are and where we are coming from.” 

Teaching from personal life experience, through coaching, healing session, workshops and seminars, Brigitte leads people to experiencing their inner radiance, embodying their true essence and discovering their purpose in life.
Her journey made her travel around the world, visit sacred sites, witness misery as well as discovering the beauty of the world. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni and the Theosophists

Mexico, healer Señor Abel:
Shortly after awakening, sensitive to the Mayan energy , she met and work with the healer Señor Abel in Acapulco and discovers the power of love through the embodiment of the energy of Divine Mother, Mary De Guadaluppe, The Virgin Mary that she now channels. It was then that she discovered her healing giftsand bring her to live other radical changes.

Canada, the path of the Sannayans:
These steps leads her to follow the path of the Sannayans, becaming Swami Maa Jyotishananda, initiated by Swamiji Claude Passaro, path of Paramahansa Yogananda,  then continues on the path of deep healing with Sai Maa.

She learns and shares the practice of energy healing techniques with shamans and spiritual masters, especially in Mexico, “her second land” she says, where she has been going regularly since 1985.

USA, Deepak Chopra:
Touched by Buddhism and Vedic philosophy (Vedas and Hinduism), she became a certified yoga teacher, of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success at the Deepak Chopra Institute (California).

She studies different methods of meditation, integrative medicine, mindfulness, then meditation by the Primordial Sound meditation of Dc. Deepak Chopra * and becomes Deepak Chopra’s Certified Meditation Teacher.

USA,Jean Houston:
It was then, with Jean Houston, her mentor in Oregon, USA, that she choose to travel to master transformation techniques aimed at strengthening the physical, sensory, psychological, mythical, symbolic and spiritual capacities within individuals. 

France, The Relais des Anges: 
In 2013, Brigitte returned to France, she founded the wellness & healing center and B & B “The Relais des Anges” where she teaches and practice healing sessions.

Italy, Damanhur:
The Mystery Schools of Damanhur * in Italy appealed to her, allowing her to deepen her path as a spiritual healer. Damanhur, a Laboratory for the Future of Humankind. It has become a destination for her retreat.

“My passion is to share my experiences and knowledge. As a “guide of wisdom and light”, one of my greatest joy is helping people to cross their boundaries and realizing their inner strengths and gifts, while aligning them with their own highest destiny”.

USA, Dr Joe Dispenza
Passionate to elevate her consiousness, she is a volounter on a scientifique reasearch team of Dr Joe Dispenza .
That experience leads her to understand the powerful effect of meditation on the human body and how we can elevate our vibration to manifest a life we really like.

She follows teaching of Gregg BradenBruce Lipton, Shlomo Shoham, Paramahansa Yogananda,Sadhguru and many others masters and teachers.