Seeing people getting awake, give me the most pleasure of all. Thank you for your testimonies. It feeds my soul purpose.

I’ve had the very rich and rewarding experience of being guided by Brigitte in a breath work exercise that lasted for 1 & 1/2 hours. I’d been asked in advance to write down and share with her some of the things I’d like to exorcise from my life and, under her expert guidance, succeeded in doing just that. I’m a daily meditator and for nearly a year now have been incorporating the Wim Hof breathing exercises into that practice. I’ve come to learn the importance of doing concentrated breath work to improve my health by actually changing the chemistry of my physiology through its daily application. Brigitte adds another dimension to my work and I am the direct beneficiary of her expertise. I’ve come to learn when a person truly devotes their whole life to a practice that benefits others I must take advantage of that. This is what Brigitte has been doing for a very long time now. Please
take advantage of her expert guidance”.
Larry Carlson

“Thank you Brigitte, I am happy to follow your daily meditations and I look forward to this moment.” Emilie

“I have grown so much in these 6 weeks with you, as I probably have not grown in my life! Thanks again for this incredible opportunity! I hope to hear from you! Kisses from Vienna“. Alma

“I think you are very generous in bringing us together and allowing us to do these meditations. I participated in about 75% of the meditations while in confinement, was unaware at the start, and busy the last week. These meditations brought me a lot of calm and several answers” Christiane

“Thank you dear Swami Jyotishananda for all these wonderful meditations. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for YOUR generosity. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your support. Thank you for allowing me to be with you during this period of confinement.” Lise

Un grand Merci à toi pour ta grande générosité que tu nous a témoigné par toutes tes magnifiques méditations et enseignements. Ce fut commeun baume pour nous toutes”. Julie