Born in France, Brigitte Bruyez is the founder of the wellness & healing center and B & B, The Relais des Anges, in France.

She is above all an entrepreneur, a visionary, photographer, author, theacher, speaker and certified life coach.

Certified breathe coach.

Meditation and yoga teacher instructor from Deepak Chopra Institute.

Master reiki, magnetizer and spiritual healer, her journey leads her to guide people towards the light from their inner selves and to discover the magic of life.

Her first spiritual awakening in 2008 and long years of personal research and travels around the world, give her the joy of sharing the practice of many renowned mentors, shamans and healers and most of all, of transmitting the power of Love.

These ancient techniques she’s using make it possible to open or widen the consciousness in order to find inner peace, joy, prosperity, health, harmony and self-esteem. It is a real path to happiness and universal love.

Are you ready to release the knots of your past, traumas child hood and move you towards, to the most desire of your life?


Born in France, she discovers her passion for photography at the age of 12, after a tragic event in a life, which start the activation of a third eye.
In 1985, Brigitte moved to Canada, her profession as a model at young age, gives her the opportunity to turn her passion into a business by going behind the camera as a photographer.

Professional fashion photographer in Montreal for more than 25 years, she pursouing an international career, she sheds light on women and men through her profession as a photographer.

“Photography is my quintessential art of expression.”

Her artistic works are recognized and exhibited across the American continent by the biggest fashion magazines (Harper’s Bazaar and Elle in Mexico, Marie Claire in France, Zoom in Italy, ……) and internationally renowned companies.

She puts women and men in the spotlight while following her path of personal growth for several years, which leads her to explore the mysteries of human potential and  brought her subject towards the light from their interiority.

 “ My third eye activated from my young age and the lens of my camera, allowed me to study through the eyes, the reflection of the soul, discover hidden resources of the human being and unlock my own abilities.

My spiritual awakening gave me clarity of mind and allowed me to enter a space where time does not exist and experience radical transformations in my life, which brings me to synchronicities and manifestations. Since the age of 12 years old, my third eye got activated and allowed me to develop my 6th sense.

From body to spirit, from matter to the invisible, from the visible to the invisible, such is the path through which the opening and elevation of human consciousness takes place, a return to the source, bringing in self the forgotten memories of our ancestors.

It is a true initiatory path which leads the human being to the source. Anchoring and alignment are necessary to get through the challenges of life.

If you are going through a difficult period, doubt, fear, fatigue, physical pain, or quite simply, fatigue, insomnia, or need to find meaning in your life, take care of yourself or wish to raise your consciousness to higher levels, I am here for you.