“Be the change you want to see in the world”. Gandhi

Brigitte Bruyez

“In these difficult times, with a growing awareness of the global crises we face, we are called to awaken to the richness of our deepest truths and to share our unique and essential gifts, as co-creators, towards scalable solutions.

We can no longer afford to live on the fringes of our true potential. Hidden under the patterns and routines of daily life, there is the authentic and masterful self, fully awakened and waiting for each of us to discover our greatest power. “

” It is by going deep within our being that we will be able to realize our pure potential, power in itself, to make a positive difference in the world, to find peace and serenity for ourselves and human race”.

“It is essential to put the past where it should be and illuminate your path of life, with all that surrounds you, at this present moment, to be able to finally create a path of love and light and manifeste your dream”.

“I am happy to guide anybody ready to change their life, on the path of healing of the heart, peace of mind, and helping to awaken consciousness and elevate to higher state of consciousness.”

My teachings are based on the power of love, wisdom, the discovery of the Self, freedom of boundaries and sufferings, through psychic, shamanic development, rituals, healing sessions, and personal spiritual evolution.

Innovative and creative means make it possible to rethink, to raise awareness, to awaken the internal senses, to stimulate the search for the possible, to activate the Sacred Feminine and the full potential.
I teach different methods aiming to define the vision of each one, to identify and release any belief, illusion, cooperate with stress, strengthen physical, sensory, emotional, psychological and spiritual capacities within coaching, workshops, seminars that it organizes in Mexico, Canada, France and Italy.

Brigitte Bruyez